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DTLSDatagram Transport Layer Security (IETF)
DTLSDescriptive Top Level Specification
DTLSDans Tous Les Sens (French: In All Directions)
DTLSDescriptive Top-Level Specification
DTLSDivision of Teaching and Learning Services (Australia)
DTLSDistributed Theater Level Simulation
DTLSDiagnostic Tests of Language Skills
DTLSDoctrine, Training, Leader, Soldiers
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(3) A similar suggestion made by some financial statement analysis texts is to ignore DTL balances that are expected to grow indefinitely, in effect discounting them to zero.
The Bell Labs-developed DTLS transmits one black-and-white or color TV signal, and two 15-kHz audio signals over a 90-Mb/s lightwave system.
The current research currently shows how to improve the IoT communication security posture and how to outsource cryptographic tasks using an IoT gateway proxy [6] and even implement DTLS. When one considers outsourcing processing tasks of cryptographic keys, it risks exposing the keys themselves.
The purpose of setting up of DTLs is to ensure provision of quality medicines in public sector hospitals while the Punjab government also intends to establish a mechanism for random testing of drugs samples with the LGC UK.
The protocol is known as Datagram Transport Layer Security (DTLS) [10].
This rule not only adds a significantly complex reclassification to the end of an entity's closing process, but also results in a misleading financial statement presentation because valuation allowances are specific to certain DTAs and should be matched to the related asset classification to allow for proper netting of current DTAs with current DTLs and noncurrent tax assets with noncurrent liabilities.
Users need to be involved in the conceptual design of DTLs. Carriers and shippers are the experts in the day-to-day operational role of moving freight.
Modadugu, "RFC: Datagram Transport Layer security (DTLS)", Request For Comments 4347, April 2006.
Considering the communications stack illustrated in Figures 2 and 3, we start by noting that encryption can be enabled at either the physical and data-link layers, for communications in the WSN domain using IEEE 802.15.4 symmetric encryption, or on the other hand with DTLS or IPSec at higher layers of the communications stack.
Of the pool, 13.04% is composed of dealer term loans (DTLs), which have not experienced credit defaults on the managed portfolio or prior securitizations.
Rafique said that drugs testing laboratories in Punjab have been upgraded and new equipments as well as trained human resource have been provided to these DTLs. He said that the Punjab government would benefit from the expertise of the LGC for establishing a lab of international standard in Punjab.