DTMADuplex Tower Mounted Amplifier (hardware)
DTMADrought Tolerant Maize for Africa (est. 2006)
DTMADerry Township Municipal Authority (Hershey, PA, USA)
DTMADefence Transport and Movements Agency (UK)
DTMADépannage Télévision Magnétoscope Ardennais (French television repair company)
DTMADayton Tooling & Manufacturing Association (Dayton, OH)
DTMADetriazinyl Metabolite of Almitrine
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STRASA: Stress-Tolerant Rice for Africa and South Asia; DTMA: Drought-Tolerant Maize for Africa; FARMD: Forum for Agricultural Risk Management in Development.
Nos caracteres relacionados as dimensoes de frutos (DLF, DTMA, DTME), as medias apresentaram-se muito proximas, o que indica que o formato predominante dos frutos e arredondado.
Os caracteres DLF, DTMA, DTME e P100 apresentaram estimativas de variancias genotipicas superiores as residuais, o que pode indicar predominancia dos efeitos geneticos, semelhante ao observado por Farias Neto et al.
O CVg foi superior aos CVe para os caracteres DLF, DTMA, DTME e P100, o que indica variabilidade disponivel para selecao.
The lower part includes components of DTMA, User Domain Kernel O[S.sub.un] and user application component [P.sub.n].
SCI module intercepts system call events in user domain, reconstructs system call sequence related to the loading of the executable program, and transfers the sequence to DTMA module after comparing it with the white list.
"Few people out there even know what a tool and die maker does," said Angela Erbaugh, managing director of the DTMA. "Working with the city, it took six months to compile all the information about jobs and career paths in our industry.
5 dynamic thermo-mechanical spectra from DTMA test are compared between 5 wt% block-copolymer/epoxy blends and neat epoxy.
Mechanical properties of PP-CNTs compounds have also been studied by dynamical thermo-mechanicai analysis (DTMA) to show the effect of CNTs addition on mechanical dynamical properties at aggressive thermal conditions (23), (27), (28).
Samples [T.sub.c] [DELTA] [H.sub.c] (J/g) [T.sub.m] [degrees](C) [degrees](C) PPS 241.2 48.8 283.1 PPSNT 1 248.3 49.9 285.6 PPSNT 2 248.8 53.7 285.6 PPSNT 3 250.4 52.9 286.1 PPSNT 5 250.8 52.8 287.1 Samples [DELTA] [H.sub.m] [X.sub.c] (%) [T.sub.g] [degrees](C) (a) PPS 31.7 27.8 101.2 PPSNT 1 40.3 35.4 101.5 PPSNT 2 41.4 36.3 102.5 PPSNT 3 42.6 37.4 103.6 PPSNT 5 43.1 37.8 103.9 (a) Determined by DTMA measurements.
In one of the mineral oil-nanoclay mixtures, dodecyltrimethyl ammonium bromide (DTMA Br) was present as an additive.
Rheometric measurements show an increase in the viscosity as well as enhanced shear thinning for samples with larger input energies and excess amounts of DTMA Br alkyl ammonium salt (see Fig.