DTMADuplex Tower Mounted Amplifier (hardware)
DTMADrought Tolerant Maize for Africa (est. 2006)
DTMADerry Township Municipal Authority (Hershey, PA, USA)
DTMADefence Transport and Movements Agency (UK)
DTMADépannage Télévision Magnétoscope Ardennais (French television repair company)
DTMADayton Tooling & Manufacturing Association (Dayton, OH)
DTMADetriazinyl Metabolite of Almitrine
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O CVg foi superior aos CVe para os caracteres DLF, DTMA, DTME e P100, o que indica variabilidade disponivel para selecao.
Os resultados de CVg/CVe indicam que DTMA e DTME apresentaram os melhores indices, com maior contribuicao genetica na manifestacao fenotipica.
Elevadas estimativas de correlacoes fenotipicas foram observadas entre DLF, DTMA, DTME e P100 (Tabela 3).
Como criterio de selecao foi assumido que quanto menores os valores de DLF, DTMA, DTME e P100 e maiores de PTC melhor.
When trust is delivered to DTMA, DTMA will start new Dom[U.
SCI module intercepts system call events in user domain, reconstructs system call sequence related to the loading of the executable program, and transfers the sequence to DTMA module after comparing it with the white list.
BIOS Basic Input Output System CM Component Manager CRTM Core Root of Trust for Measurement DTMA Dynamic Trusted Measurement Agent DTSTM Dynamic Tree Style Trust Measurement Model IMA Integrity Measurement Architecture MA Measurement Agent OS Operating System PCR Platform Configuration Registers SCI System Call Interceptor SS Secure Storage TCCP Trusted Cloud Computing Platform TCG Trusted Computing Group TPM Trusted Platform Module VMI Virtual Machine Introspection VMM Virtual Machine Monitor VPCR Virtual PCR
Rheometric measurements show an increase in the viscosity as well as enhanced shear thinning for samples with larger input energies and excess amounts of DTMA Br alkyl ammonium salt (see Fig.