DTMEDépannages Techniques Maintenance Environnement (French: Maintenance Troubleshooting Repair Environment)
DTMEDevelopmental Toxicity of the Mouse Embryo
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It was further alleged that Mr El Fadl was responsible for the audits of LCB, which were conducted by DTME, through DTL and that at all material times Mr El Fadl acted as the agent of DTME.
In his judgment of 12 February 2018, Justice Giles described the Claimant's position: " the Claimant said that there was an issue involving the new party, Mr Fadl, which was connected to the matters in dispute in the proceedings, being the claims against DTME: and that the desirability lay in having all claims determined together, and in avoiding what they alleged were, for them, impediments to a just resolution in the Lebanese Courts.
The judgment also called for the claimants to pay an undisclosed amount to DTME to cover the earlier amendments to the claim.
They accuse DTME of failing in their auditing of the bank, saying the firm knew or should have known the bank was involved in criminal activity and supporting money laundering linked to the international trafficking of drugs.
It is therefore particularly important that the allegations against DTME are heard and answered in a competent court."
Arab News contacted DTME for a statement, and a spokesperson said the company was unable to comment on "ongoing litigation or any client matters."
FinCEN found that nearly $230-million of illicit funds had passed through LCB's accounts while the DTME and El Fadl were auditors of LCB.
Os caracteres DLF, DTMA, DTME e P100 apresentaram estimativas de variancias genotipicas superiores as residuais, o que pode indicar predominancia dos efeitos geneticos, semelhante ao observado por Farias Neto et al.
O CVg foi superior aos CVe para os caracteres DLF, DTMA, DTME e P100, o que indica variabilidade disponivel para selecao.
Os resultados de CVg/CVe indicam que DTMA e DTME apresentaram os melhores indices, com maior contribuicao genetica na manifestacao fenotipica.
Elevadas estimativas de correlacoes fenotipicas foram observadas entre DLF, DTMA, DTME e P100 (Tabela 3).
Como criterio de selecao foi assumido que quanto menores os valores de DLF, DTMA, DTME e P100 e maiores de PTC melhor.