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DTMFDual Tone Multi-Frequency (telephony)
DTMFDual Tone Modulation Frequency
DTMFDesktop Management Task Force
DTMFData Tone Multiple Frequency
DTMFDual Tone Multi-Function (telecommunications)
DTMFDefend Traditional Marriage and Family
DTMFDeilmann Tailings Management Facility (Key Lake Uranium Mine; Cameco Corporation; Canada)
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So, based on AT&T's own calculations, more than 2.77 million people are negatively impacted by its removal of DTMF.
where A start is the correction of the DTMF receiver related to reaction time of signal detection and decoding, [[DELTA].sub.end] is the correction of the DTMF receiver related to reaction time of signal loss, [[DELTA].sub.sfix] and [[DELTA].sub.Efix] are the fixed terms of [[DELTA].sub.start] and [[DELTA].sub.end] respectively, given by the DTMF chip manufacturer [6], Asadj and AEadj are the user adjustable terms of [[DELTA].sub.start] and [[DELTA].sub.end] respectively, which depend on chosen external capacitor (chosen capacitance value 100 nF) and resistor (chosen resistance value 47 kQ).
Jeff Foley, Nuance senior manager of solutions marketing, thinks though that even the latter rationale for DTMF will fade away.
* #--the last character terminates the DTMF command
Additionally, DTMF is suitable for a clear-cut routing menu with two or three choices, according to Sheila McGee-Smith, president and principal analyst at McGee-Smith Analytics.
To set up DTMF, the modem must be configured, and the DTMF extensions and recipient must be input into the fax server.
Although outbound speech applications are in development, the leading deployments in outbound IVR have been using simple DTMF applications such as identity confirmation, prescription reminders, and overdraft notifications.
Speech recognition applications are not such revolutionizing IVR, defined for this article as enabling dual-tone multiplex frequency (DTMF) or TouchTone[TM] interactions, but instead appears to be supplanting it as the key means of automated voice interaction.
It reportedly supports Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), DTMF tone detection and generation, and multiple voice compression methods.
It also supports such advanced features as off-hook detection, 911 emergency override, DTMF detect and transmit, caller ID and a fast connect option.