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DTMFDual Tone Multi-Frequency (telephony)
DTMFDual Tone Modulation Frequency
DTMFDesktop Management Task Force
DTMFData Tone Multiple Frequency
DTMFDual Tone Multi-Function (telecommunications)
DTMFDefend Traditional Marriage and Family
DTMFDeilmann Tailings Management Facility (Key Lake Uranium Mine; Cameco Corporation; Canada)
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Multiple experts agree that AT&T's removal of DTMF "sounds like a violation" of FCC rules because "if somebody with a speech disability calls the company, [he or she] is not able to access its services," according to one source.
where A start is the correction of the DTMF receiver related to reaction time of signal detection and decoding, [[DELTA].
The marketer uses Voxeo's Prophecy platform to ask the callers to say their order numbers, which is less restrictive than having them use DTMF.
DTMF faxing process differs depending on the modem setup at the server.
Globally, North America (NA) is the largest market for hosted speech and DTMF services, and customers have the widest range of provider choice.
The use of DTMF is recommended because the equipment required is simple terminal equipment comprising a pool of DTMF receivers that are normally part of the telephone switch.
By migrating our Voice Solutions from DTMF to Speech simply enables Prosodie to enhance the customer interactions and productivity of our clients.
Table 1: Total APAC revenue by DTMF and speech, 2005-2010
Global revenues for IVR hosting, services, platforms, applications and enabling software, broken down by DTMF and speech are provided.