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DTMHDiploma in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene
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Reported by: SA Ni'ma, MB CHB-MSC, AAK Imad, MB CHB-MSC, AAM Faiza, DTMH, Iraqi Ministry of Health; DM Simpson, MD, RL Mott, MD, B Kirkup, BM BCh, Ministry of Health Team, Coalition Provisional Authority, Baghdad, Iraq.
A J Brink, (1) MB ChB, MMed (Micro); J van Wyk, (2) MB ChB, MMed (Clin Path); V M Moodley, (2) MB ChB, DTM&H, FCPath (Micro) SA, MMed (Micro); C Corcoran, (3) MB ChB, FCPath (Virol), DTM&H, MMed (Virol); P Ekermans, (4) MB ChB, DTMH, MMed (Clin Path); L Nutt, (5) MB ChB, MMed (Clin Path); T Boyles, (6) MA, BM BCh, MRCP, MD, DTM&H, Cert ID SA; O Perovic, (78) FC Path (SAMicro), MMed (Micro), DTM&H, MD; C Feldman, (9) MB BCh, DSc, PhD, FRCP, FCP (SA); G A Richards, (10) MB BCh, PhD, FCP (SA), FRCP; M Mendelson, (6) BSc, PhD, MBBS, FRCP, DTM&H