DTMODroit de Mutation à Titre Onéreux (French: Land Transfers for Value)
DTMODefense Travel Management Office (US DoD)
DTMODown to Make Out (improv group)
DTMODLA(Defense Logistics Agency) Telecommunications Management Office (US DoD)
DTMODefence Tax Management Office (Australia)
DTMODeep Trench Mask Open (semiconductor fabrication)
DTMODetection and Tracking of Moving Objects
DTMODevelopment, Test, and Mission Operations (NASA)
DTMODivision Trench Mortar Officer
DTMODelay Time Out
DTMODoDDS Transportation Mobilization Organization
DTMODistrict Tenancy Management Office (Hong Kong)
DTMODipotassium Tetramethyl Osmate (stain for electron microscopy)
DTMOData-Tech Maintenance Offerings (Data-Tech Ltd; Bermuda)
DTMODesperate to Move On
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DTMO was established to serve as the single focal point for commercial travel within the Department of Defense (DoD) to establish strategic direction; set policy, and centrally manage commercial travel programs.
To expand assistance provided to DoD travelers, the DTMO established the Travel Assistance Center (TAC) to provide 24-hour assistance (including federal holidays) to DoD personnel before, during and after official travel.
Today, we execute the call center function for DTMO for DTS assistance, and recently expanded our mission to answer all travel-related questions, including questions on the new DoD [Citi] travel card transition, commercial travel services and travel policy," Deming said.
The DTMO will work closely with the current vendor, Bank of America, and Citibank to minimize any unforeseen interruption in travel card services leading up to the new card activation.
Among the sessions offered by DTMO was the DOD Integrated Lodging Program for DOD and Federal Government Personnel.
The session engaged the audience in the many obligations of DTMO to ensure safe travel while respecting the agreements made between DTMO and commercial vendors.
DTMO converted to chip and PIN card technology for the government travel charge card for better security; better rebates for usage and timely payments resulted in $30 million in rebates back to DOD last year
DTMO has instituted a flat-rate per diem policy change to incentivize people to look for extended stay facilities
DTMO is focused on transforming the Defense Travel Enterprise by implementing better solutions and providing the best value for the travel community.
DTMO continues to improve its safety record with zero fatalities from bus travel.
Over the past couple of years, Congress has entrusted DTMO with broad authority to make changes in passenger travel, rather than expanding on Congressional regulations.
Andrea Carlock, Chief Commercial Travel Division, DTMO