DTMOSDynamic-Threshold Metal-Oxide Semiconductor
DTMOSDynamic Threshold Voltage Metal-Oxide-Silicon
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We used DTMOS based floating current source to implement memristor emulator circuit.
In the proposed circuit, DTMOS based FCS structure has three important behaviors to implement memristor emulator circuit: 1.
In order to respond to the demand for lower power consumption, Toshiba is commercializing a new product utilizing DTMOS technology which can improve efficiency of power supplies.
Samples of Toshiba's TK15A60S 15A, 600V DTMOS are scheduled for availability in March 2005, priced at 300 yen each.
As shown in Figure 1 [30], the body terminal of the transistor is tied to gate terminal to generate the DTMOS whose threshold voltage utilizing the relation in Eq.
The proposed DTMOS has a high threshold voltage at zero bias and low threshold voltage at Vgs = Vdd.
The DTMOS configuration does not require any additional processing steps fabrication and the gate and body of the transistor can be connected with metal contact as described in Silicon-On-Insulator (SOI) model [27].