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Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry analysis: Extracts (10) and the DTOH standard were analyzed using GC-MS in an Agilent 7890A GC coupled to a 5975C mass spectrometer instrument (Agilent, Palo Alto California, USA).
Synthetic pheromone: Synthetic standard of (3Z,6Z,8E)-dodeca-3,6,8-trien-1-ol (DTOH) was kindly provided by Prof.
Additionally, a perfect match between the retention time and mass spectra of this compound and a synthetic standard of DTOH was observed (Fig.
Behavioral studies, in a Y-shape assay, were carried out to confirm the activity of synthetic DTOH. The dose-response curve (Fig.
exiguus was obtained at a concentration equivalent to 1 pg of DTOH per cm.
During the bioassays, only slight differences have been noticed between the results using WBE or synthetic DTOH. Both, DTOH and WBE, were active for at least two hours, most probably due to the absence of another component in the extract that could lead to any synergistic effect, or that would make the signal to last longer.
After performing several complementary chemical and behavioral experiments, can be concluded that the main compound responsible for the trail following behavior on Microcerotermes exiguus, is (3Z,6Z,8E)-dodeca-3,6,8trien-1-ol (DTOH).
exiguus, and in the zoomed-in oval section coelution of DTOH (black trace) with WBE (gray trace).
The document explicitly characterised the union's duty in terms of transmitting socialist ideology to all organisations and "to be a bridge which firmly joins the Party with the working people" (bpen kua dtoh ti man gang lawang pahk gup mahason gamaghon).