DTOPDepartamento de Transportacion y Obras Publicas (Puerto Rico)
DTOPDance Theatre of Pennsylvania (also seen as DTOPA; Doylestown, PA)
DTOPDigital Topographic Data
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Therefore, we determined the time window based on the dynamics of the temperature and extended the DTOP model to the DTOP-VTW model.
However, in the case where UAVs cannot spray pesticides for all farmlands due to the constraints of flight distances and profits of targets, the problem is described as a Dubins traveling salesman problem (DTOP).
Note we maintained all our DTOP attributes, even though we populated few of them.
Note that the measurement standard for horizontal and under bridge measurement is in meters for the sapper and decimeters by DTOP MILSPEC (see Figure 6).
It's a real shame, since most agree that "DTOP Ed" has long been one of the most qualified to lead the agency, having been a treasurer-in-waiting for many years.
In addition, there is a dedicated self-service workstation for the Child Support Administration (Assume) and one for the Department of Motor Vehicles (DTOP by its Spanish acronym).
of Transportation and Public Works (DTOP) says there are 3.12 million registered automobiles, on this small island of 3.8 million people, reports Primera Hora (March 31, 2009).
of Transportation & Public Works and the Highways & Transportation Authority (DTOP and ACT) have embarked on an ambitious project called Cuidad Red (Network City);