DTOTDon't Tread on This
DTOTDuct Tape Occlusion Therapy (warts)
DTOTDistrict Training of Trainers
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Then, if we consider the first vehicle v in the sequence s, then it is easy to see that the vehicle is always a head vehicle on EV's lane and has a confirmed DTOT. Hence, the entrance time of this vehicle v can be determined simply by its [tau]([O.sup.v.sub.1]) which is the time when the vehicle v occupies the first occupancy of its DTOT.
In the future, we will relax assumptions like perfect communication and accurate prediction of DTOT to make the algorithm more applicable to real situations.
A pair of vehicles is defined to be space-time conflicting if their DTOTs have at least one pair of occupancies that are conflicting in both space and time.
All these vehicles can be divided into two types: vehicles whose DTOTs cannot be modified (vehicles that have already entered the intersection or cannot make a stop at the entering line even with maximum deceleration) and vehicles whose DTOTs could be changed (vehicles that are stopping at the entering line of the intersection or are able to make a stop at the entering line, or unconfirmed vehicles that are ahead of the EV).
All vehicles whose DTOTs cannot be modified are confirmed vehicles.
The agriculture sector prices relative to the industry sector prices are defined by the DTOT index while the productivity of the agriculture sector relative to the productivity of the industry sector is expressed as the Inter-Sectoral Real Productivity Ratio (ISRPR) index.
DTOT = [P.sub.A]/[P.sub.I] ISRPR = [PRO.sub.A]/[PRO.sub.I] [PRO.sub.A] = [Q.sub.A]/[L.sub.A] [PRO.sub.I] = [Q.sub.I]/[L.sub.I]
The DFDTOT index is determined by multiplying the DTOT index by the ISRPR index.
In the paper, the development dynamics of the DFDTOT index are determined by the DTOT index and the ISRPR index.
According to the Figure 5, the DTOT index is in favor of the agriculture sector except the economic crises year of 1994 at the 1990-1998 period.
The significance of the other variables depends strongly on the model specification.(40) TABLE 6 Coefficients from Fixed-Effects Regression Results with Robust Standard Errors(a); Dependent Variable: Natural Logarithm of EMBI Global Spreads Specification 1 2 External Debt/GDP 0.039*** (0.003) 0.040*** (0.002) Govt Revenue/GDP -0.041*** (0.011) -0.041*** (0.010) External Debt/Govl Revenue GL/BA 0.017*** (0.006) 0.014*** (0.005) Growth IV -0.029*** (0.008) -0.035*** (0.008) Export Growth -0.002 (0.001) DToT -0.004 (0.002) -0.004* (0.002) Commodity Dependence 0.015 (0.011) Log U.S.
On the assumption that the foreign sector is exogenous to the New Zealand economy, DUSGDP, USINT and DTOT are specified as causally prior to the domestic variables.