DTPSDoritaenopsis (orchid variety)
DTPSDistrict Team Problem Solving
DTPSDynamic Threat Prevention System (BAI Security; Schaumburg, IL)
DTPSDistrict Town Planning Scheme (Australia)
DTPSDefense Transportation Payment System
DTPSDredge Track Presentation System (excavation)
DTPSDiffuse Thalamic Projection System
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More specifically, Kolmogorov-Smirnov two-sided test was picked as the technique while the DTPs and the unlabeled were recognized as two classes.
Both of them are mining the inner discrimination between distributions of DTPs and the uncertain NDTPs.
Such strategy is in a nonparametric style and the computations in the initial process only rely on the known DTPs. Here 31 continuous properties are just the decisive factors.
In our experiments, the reliable range for the DTPs regarding one continuous property is defined as an interval [[[alpha].sub.1], [[alpha].sub.1]] where [[alpha].sub.1] and [[alpha].sub.2] are quantiles of some property, respectively.
As we know, the dataset of the unlabeled is capable of approximating the distribution of NDTPs, but such approximation is biased because of the potential DTPs' existence.
For our problem, we denote the {[[mu].sub.0], [[sigma].sub.0]} and {[[mu].sub.1], [[sigma].sub.1]}, respectively, as the parameters for the DTPs and NDTPs distributions.
As some samples have been determined as DTPs, it would be better to incorporate such partial label information to the model.
Here 70% known DTPs in random selection (361 randomly selected known DTPs) and the well-picked reliable NDTPs (441 NDTPs) in the first stage were merged into the training set.
(9) FN stands for the number of DTPs by mistake identified as the nontargets and the rest can be understood in a similar way.
Of great importance is the recall ratio of DTPs in our task, which is defined as
To maintain the low ratio of incorrectly recognizing the DTPs, the recall ratio of the DTPs is also important.