DTRADefense Threat Reduction Agency
DTRADirt Track Racing Association
DTRADeseret Towers Recreation Area (Utah)
DTRAData Terminal Ready A
DTRADefense Technical Review Agency
DTRADefense Technical Review Activity
DTRADesign Trade Resource Association
DTRADumbreck Tenants and Residents Association (UK)
DTRADown The Road Analysis (show)
DTRADirettore Tecnico Regionale Aerobica
DTRADielectric Tapered Rod Antenna
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With such outstanding results, the DTRA Force-on-Force Branch will keep military police forces at the top of the list for future force-on-force exercises.
Raytheon has performed cooperative threat reduction work for DTRA under a number of contracts.
Many of these measures--such as those implemented with the assistance of DOE, DTRA and other U.
DTRA is sponsoring several remote-detection systems.
For example, a two-person DTRA team can usually survey 15-20 ammunition magazines or 8-12 weapons storage areas per day.
The idea for the DTRA Acquisition Web ToolBook originated as a result of an information environment characterized by acquisition func tional and process informa tion that was scattered throughout a myriad of DTRA Web sites as well as shared and private drives, or it was simply not available in any capac ity.
The DTRA Operations Center's 24/7 collaborative environment supports the SCC-WMD and facilitates tracking of WMD operations by depicting these events globally through a common operational picture, which went online at the classified level in the spring of 2007.
This partnership with DTRA and the DoD serves as validation of AVI's proprietary NEUGENE antisense approach to gene silencing in general, as well as specific confirmation of AVI's concept of rapid response therapeutics," said Alan P.
One option may be the kind of device being tested in Divine Strake, which DTRA Director James A.
When we asked to review the database, DTRA provided it to us in a timely manner.
She is recognized as having meticulously orchestrated the DTRA comptroller modernization initiative that led to a greater understanding of financial compliance and that served as benchmarks for financial management at other Department of Defense (DoD) organizations.
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