DTRCDavid Taylor Research Center (US Navy)
DTRCDancer Transition Resource Centre (Toronto, ON, Canada)
DTRCDefense Threat Reduction Center (Mcnamara Building, Fort Belvoir, Virginia, headquarters of the Defense Threat Reduction Agency)
DTRCDole-Tavaux Racing Club (est. 1991; France)
DTRCDemographic Training and Research Centre (various locations)
DTRCDairy Teaching and Research Center (various locations)
DTRCDepression Treatment Research Center
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Typically, dancers feel called to the profession, and giving it up can be as traumatic as leaving the priesthood, so the DTRC assists transitions into second careers in fields as varied as medicine and real estate.
Construction on the six-story, $107 million, 317,000-square-foot DTRC building began April 1, 2003, and was completed Sept.