DTRDDevelopment Test Requirements Document
DTRDDivision of Treatment Research and Development (National Institute on Drug Abuse)
DTRDDepartment of Transport and Regional Development (now Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Local Government; Australia)
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To forge strong research relationships, DTRD's Research Steering Committee includes DTRD leadership, members of the ISR's extremity research team, and members of both Navy and Air Force dental research teams.
DTRD, along with the dental research elements of the Navy and Air Force, occupies the first floor of this new building, designated BHT-2.
No scientific advancements in work by DTRD at the Great Lakes location were lost in the transition to San Antonio.
The DTRD, in collaboration with ISR's extremity research group, directly addresses the shortfalls of conventional techniques and biomaterials in reconstructing bone defects.
Using a novel flowable biomaterial, DTRD now performs research on critical size defects in animals to tune the biomaterial's characteristics for optimal bone regeneration.
Another major thrust of DTRD research is to mitigate the consequences of severe facial burns and scars.
To deploy these technologies, DTRD is collaborating with bioengineers at University of Texas, Arlington, to develop an in situ bioreactor in the form of a custom, multifunctional polymer-based mask.