DTRGDartmoor Tinworking Research Group (Dartmoor, UK)
DTRGDive Travel Resource Group (est. 1993)
DTRGDoD(Department of Defense) Technical Response Group (US DoD)
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Breakdown of the most commonly found antibiogram patterns of the MRSA isolates Antibiogram Total % ELQ 46 18.5 DETsRG 22 8.9 DECTsQGA 17 6.9 DTRG 15 6.0 E 14 5.6 DECLTsQGA 13 5.2 DETsRQG 11 4.4 D = tetracycline; E = erythromycin; C = chloramphenicol; L = clindamycin; Ts = trimethoprim/sulfamethoxazole; R = rifampicin; Q = ciprofloxacin; G = gentamicin, A = amikacin.
The quality of the recovered concentrate (DTRG) at the standard 38 micron grind used by the laboratory is excellent, with the average for all composites analysed being: <pre> </pre>
The DTRG indicates the concentrate is composed of a pure iron magnetite with negligible silica and other deleterious elements.