DTRMDiscrete Transfer Radiation Model
DTRMDual Thrust Rocket Motor
DTRMDiploma in Tourism and Resort Management
DTRMDigital Transceiver Module
DTRMDeterministic Timeouts for Reliable Multicast (networking algorithm)
DTRMDanny Tanner's Rainbow Militia (musical comedy duo)
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CFD, no convection, DTRM radiation denotes simulations with the CFD code where calculation of fluid flow was disabled.
Table 6 shows that there is very good agreement between the CFD code results using the DTRM radiation model and the FEM program using the view-factor model.
As presented in a following section, this same frame was simulated with convection disabled [S2-8 and S2-9 in Table 6], and the results from the FEM detailed radiation model closely match those from the CFD DTRM radiation simulation.