DTSADown Town Santa Ana (Santa Ana, CA)
DTSADefense Technology Security Administration
DTSADiscrete-Time Survival Analysis
DTSADesk Top Spectrum Analyzer
DTSADefense Technical Security Agency (now DTRA)
DTSASeaman Apprentice, Dental Technician Striker (Naval Rating)
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In this live webcast a team of thought leaders, professionals and practitioners assembled by The Knowledge Group will help the audience understand and explore the Immunity Provisions of the DTSA.
Both the DTSA and California's version of the Uniform Trade Secrets Act require that employers take "reasonable measures" under the circumstances to protect the alleged trade secret information.
In consideration for the disposal, Driver will become entitled to receive the net proceeds of sale of the 300,000 Driver ordinary shares currently owned by DTSA management.
The DTSA also creates a seizure procedure for use in extraordinary circumstances where the offender "would destroy, move, hide, or otherwise make such matter inaccessible to the court, if the applicant were to proceed on notice to such person.
Preserving a space for state experimentation, therefore, will also require a narrow interpretation of the scope of trade secret protection under the DTSA.
The DTSA pulls heavily from the Uniform Trade Secrets Act ("UTSA"), (7) already in force in some form in 48 states, (8) by providing similar definitions of key terms and remedies for misappropriation.
Under the DTSA, advisors are required to give advance notice of such immunity in any agreement or other document with an employee, consultant or contractor that governs the use of trade secrets.
In addition to providing private citizens and companies the right to sue in federal court to obtain injunctive relief and monetary damages, the DTSA would allow for ex parte seizures of stolen "property necessary to prevent the propagation or dissemination of the trade secret that is the subject of the action.
the DTSA, (145) that does not expressly preempt state trade secret laws:
The consolidation of DTSA with another office, agency, or field activity of the DOD
The Defense Department, and specifically DTSA, needs a larger role in the review process of FMS, DCS, and dual-use sales.
Upon leaving DTSA, Alexandrow took a job as director of launch systems at Loral's offices in Arlington, Virginia.