DTSCDepartment of Toxic Substances Control
DTSCDedicated Technical Solutions Consultancy (Netherlands)
DTSCDetroit Triumph Sportscar Club (Michigan)
DTSCDynamic Traction and Stability Control (Volvo)
DTSCDARCOM Technical Steering Committee
DTSCDeveloper Technical Support Center (IBM)
DTSCDetroit Tennis and Squash Club (Farmington Hills, MI)
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The law provides that the DTSC regulations must provide a science-based approach for building a list of chemicals that pose the greatest risks, identify products that contain those chemicals, and evaluate products for safer alternatives to specified chemicals.
DTSC will develop a list of "Priority Products" containing these Candidate Chemicals for which alternative analyses must be conducted.
This type of illegal conduct will be investigated fully, and those responsible will be held accountable," Reed Sato, chief counsel for the DTSC, told the Los Angeles Times after Gressly was sentenced.
Consumer Watchdog and Strumwasser & Woocher originally filed suit against the DTSC and the Department of Public Health (DPH) on Aug.
It is troubling to me that Chemical Waste Management violated their current permit by not reporting these spills to DTSC, particularly after having been down this road with them a year ago," said Brian Johnson, DTSC Deputy Director of Enforcement, in a statement.
The trade group called on its California members to lobby the DTSC against the ban, pending consideration of environmental, social and economic impacts.
The Consumer Specialty Products Association (CSPA) actively participated in the data-gathering process, submitting two sets of comments and giving a presentation before the DTSC.
DTSC spokeswoman Carol Northrup said if the parkland is established, the state would prohibit the use of groundwater and the construction of any enclosed buildings.
This Web site is the logical starting place for companies that want to familiarize themselves with the requirements of the law, DTSC Information Officer Ron Baker says.
Changing the formulation of a regulated product - even to make it greener - will require the company to provide extensive, proprietary information to the DTSC, who will have sole discretion as to how it is used.
The DTSC order needs Exide to undertake the cleanup of residential areas impacted by lead contamination from the secondary smelter and to set up a trust fund of $9 million for the cleanup.