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En todas las aplicaciones, la DTSE ha resultado una prueba con indices de confiabilidad interna muy elevados (minimo de r = .89).
The NAS/NRC report reviewing the DTSE & E's study concluded that "in addition to providing examples of cost savings and cost avoidance that resulted from the use of M & S in acquisition, the study reinforced some of the conclusions and recommendations of prior studies." However, no other results were noted.
Each lot will result in the establishment of a separate market with unit prices benefit processed orders within the following limits Lot 1: DTNO / DTNEminimum annual amount: nomaximum annual amount: 1,800,000 euros HTlot 2: DTSE / DTSOminimum annual amount: nomaximum annual amount: 2,000,000 VATlot 3: DTES / DTVMminimum annual amount: nomaximum annual amount: 2,000,000 VATEach contract is concluded for a fixed term as of 01/07/2015until 06.30.2017.
This consultation for hire, maintenance and succession of cold water meters and hot water, and the maintenance shut-off valves on some real estate groups managed by Paris Habitat OPH, distributed into 4 groups Lot 1: DTES and DTNE for 17,534 water meters, : lot 2: DTSE for 14,132 water meters, : Lot 3: DTVM for 12,773 water meters, : Lot 4: DTNO and DTSO for 10,724 water meters.