DTSNDigital Tandem Switching Network (AT&T)
DTSNSeaman, Dental Technician Striker (Naval Rating)
DTSNDevon Tourism Skills Network (UK)
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Recall that the vertex set of DT Sn is{vivi+1 , viui, uivi+1 , viwi, wivi+1 |1 = i = n - 1}Thus the double triangular snake graph DTSn has 2n - 2vertices of degree 2, 2 vertices of degree 3 and n - 2 verticesof degree 6.
The proposed scheme was analyzed in terms of energy consumption, end-to-end delay, and network lifetime using STCP [21], DTSN [22], TCP, and Reed Solomon.
Nunes, "DTSN: distributed transport for sensor networks," in Proceedings of the 12th IEEE International Symposium on Computers and Communications (ISCC '07), pp.
An extension to DTSN is proposed in [58], where a hybrid solution (retransmission and correction code) for loss recovery is defined.
However, intermediate nodes can detect packet loss and request retransmissions in a different way of RSTP and DTSN, where only sink requests retransmissions of lost packets.
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