DTSQDiabetes Treatment Satisfaction Questionnaire
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The authors evaluated the change in HbA1c from BL to month 12, central laboratory-measured FPG, prebreakfast SMPG, 8-point SMPG profiles, and insulin dose (basal and mealtime), as well as hypoglycemic events, changes in body weight, AEs, and participant-reported satisfaction with the treatment and perception of the occurrence of hypo- and hyperglycemia [using the DTSQ, health-related quality of life (eQ-5D) utility index score, and hypoglycemia fear survey (HFS II)] [51,52].
(vii) Change in the treatment satisfaction score using the DTSQ. Furthermore, EDITION 3 and 4 also evaluated the EQ-5D, an instrument that complements other forms of quality of life measurements and facilitates the collection of a number of common data for reference purposes.
At month 12, the improvements in the mean total DTSQ score from BL for Glar-300 and Glar-100 were similar.
DTSQ treatment satisfaction scores were similar in each group; the improvement in DTSQ scores observed at month 6 was maintained at month 12, and perceived frequency of hypoglycemia remained stable with either treatment [47,48].
In the EDITION 3 trial, the DTSQ improved from BL to month 6 in both treatment groups.
Diabetes treatment satisfaction measured with DTSQ increased at the end of the study and was significantly better in group I compared to group II (P <0.001).
Both studied groups were similarly satisfied with the insulin treatment measured with DTSQ. To our best knowledge, there are no studies that compare the treatment satisfaction among people switched from premixed analogue to premixed human insulin, but those performed on people switched from human to analogue indicate that the treatment modalities have a comparable treatment quality [19].
GDM = Gestational diabetes mellitus Table 4: Responses to DTSQs scale Diabetes treatment Very Satisfied Slightly Neutral satisfaction item satisfied (%) satisfied (%) (%) (%) Item no.