DTTBDigital Terrestrial Television Broadcasting
DTTBDigital Terrestrial Tv Broadcasting
DTTBDeutscher Tischtennis Bund German Table-Tennis Federation)
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One DTTB made the mistake of not paying a courtesy call on the mayor: He ultimately had to transfer to a different municipality.
DTTB (formal reference GB20600-2006) became the mandatory digital terrestrial TV standard for Chinese broadcasters in August 2007.
The DOH calls the DTTB program a 'stopgap measure'; ideally, it is the doctors from the barrios that would serve their communities.
DTTB - formal reference GB20600-2006 - became the mandatory digital terrestrial TV standard for Chinese broadcasters in August 2007, and all terrestrial TV receivers must comply with DTTB ahead of 2015 when analog TV broadcasts will cease in China.
Legend Silicon's LGS-8G42 and LGS-8GL5 are the second generation of digital demodulators that fully comply with China's DTTB standard (GB20600-2006).
Juan Flavier, who saw the need for more community-based health programs particularly in fifth- and sixth-class municipalities, founded the DTTB.
Perlas volunteered to the DTTB and stayed to serve as the municipal health officer in Sapad town in Lanao del Norte province.
Recto, meanwhile, lamented how the incident could discourage other medicine graduates from joining the DTTB program.
Being DOH scholars, Perlas and Pillado became members of Batch 30 of the DTTB program that required them to render two years of government service, usually by being assigned in depressed areas with no doctors.
News of Perlas' killing spread immediately and so did calls for justice for the DTTB volunteer.
In 1993, after learning that close to 300 towns in the Philippines had no doctor, the former health secretary launched the DTTB program to encourage doctors to serve the country's poorest and most remote villages.
Paquiz is skeptical of the Nurse Deployment Program and the Doctors to the Barrios, noting that they are mostly only "temporary"-as in the case of the NDP and the DTTB, which employs health workers for only two years.