DTTODrug Treatment and Testing Order (UK criminal system)
DTTODeutsche Trecker Treck Organisation
DTTODesign and Technology Teachers of Ontario (now Applied Science and Technology Teachers of Ontario; Ontario, Canada)
DTTODutch Taekwondo Tournament Organization (also see NTWO)
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However, as this paper will illustrate, the difficulties encountered during the implementation of DTTOs, and other multi-agency initiatives since, may have been exacerbated by a punitive and abstinence-based ethos characteristic of the political agenda that has underpinned their introduction.
As part of DTTOs (Drug Treatment and Testing Orders), alongside their drug testing and monitoring, they have been working on an exhibition at the Discovery Museum in Newcastle.
I am going to do is adjourn this case for 28 days for you to be assessed for a DTTO as a direct alternative to a custodial sentence of some length.
He was offered a DTTO instead of a jail sentencce for shoplifting.
But Mr Narey issued a statement yesterday saying research had shown that offenders on DTTO programmes committed less crime to feed their addictions and more offenders were completing treatment.
He deferred sentence until September 4 to allow the sheriff handling the DTTO to take over the disposal of the case.
A DTTO offers an offender a programme of intensive counselling designed to break the vicious circle of drug abuse and crime.
Defending barrister Matthew Dunford said the Court of Appeal had stressed how important it was to try to break the drug cycle in the sentencing process and one way to do that would be with a DTTO within the community, he said.
Bonini was initially placed on the DTTO last May after pleading guilty to a series of charges, including driving while under the influence of drugs, relating to incidents on January 2 and 3, 2004.