DTTSDefense Transportation Tracking System
DTTSDefense (Digital) Tactical Trunking Switch
DTTSDistrict Team Training Seminar (Rotary International)
DTTSDivision of Travel and Transportation Services (National Institutes of Health; US DHHS)
DTTSDriveshaft Through the Skull (Walker Canada)
DTTSDynamic Track Tensioning System (tracked vehicles)
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On the basis of knowledge gained from the literature and after knowing the facts about the sample countries, it can be expected that there may be a positive, negative, or insignificant impact of DTTs on FDI.
Brazil has approximately twenty-eight DTTs in place, nine of which were negotiated and signed between 1988 and 2002 (India in 1988, Korea in 1989, Netherlands in 1990, China in 1991, Finland in 1996, Portugal in 2000, Chile in 2001, and Israel and Ukraine in 2002).
The bespoke Exmac conveying and handling system is fitted inside the DTTs to enable drums to be transferred into the trailer-mounted container from an external conveyor.
Guernsey recognizes that signing DTTs with any jurisdiction delivers limited long-term benefits, so it is aligning itself with a carefully selected group of "mid-shore" locations that are perceived as a bridge between the onshore and offshore worlds.
Application of double taxation treaties (hereinafter DTT) can prevent excessive taxation to a certain extent.
and DTTs with other OECD members, the GOP enacted legislation (Law 33 of July 2010) which requires banks and law firms to share transaction and ownership information with the GOP and authorizes the sharing of such information with foreign tax authorities pursuant to TIEA requests.
DTTS is DOD's way of keeping tabs around the clock on various types of sensitive and hazardous materials in transit, also providing instant communication to help drivers, emergency responders and SDDC deal with unexpected situations.
Advertisers are sitting on their cash, moving it to earlier slots on France Televisions or spending it with digital terrestrial TV (DTT) channels that can deliver more targeted audiences.
It also initiated new bilateral investment treaties (BITs) and double taxation treaties (DTTs) with many countries and to specifically earmarked industries.
The Naval Operational Logistics Support Center is the program manager for the Joint Service Defense Transportation Tracking System (DTTS).