DTTSDefense Transportation Tracking System
DTTSDefense (Digital) Tactical Trunking Switch
DTTSDistrict Team Training Seminar (Rotary International)
DTTSDivision of Travel and Transportation Services (National Institutes of Health; US DHHS)
DTTSDriveshaft Through the Skull (Walker Canada)
DTTSDynamic Track Tensioning System (tracked vehicles)
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Using satellite communications, DTTS keeps track of all Arms, Ammunition and Explosives (AA&E) and other sensitive material traveling across the United States.
The carrier must then get the proper satellite equipment as mandated by DTTS.
In addition to monitoring commercial munitions trucks in the 48 contiguous states, DTTS expanded its mission in FY '04 to include Alaskan highways and the western Canadian motor corridor between Alaska and Washington State.
DTTS uses Geo-Fencing capabilities to ensure DoD AA&E shipments avoid areas of the country in which highly visible national/ international events are occurring.
Any incident associated with a DTTS-monitored shipment is reported to the DTTS Operations Center located at SDDC headquarters.
Twenty-one civilian employees and two contractors were brought into the SDDC organization with the DTTS program.
CMDC's current DTTS product offering features its MT-2011 L-band mobile satellite transceiver, as well as its geoOps(TM) based tracking, messaging, and emergency notification software application, integrated with a rugged in-cab computer.
DTTS was one of the earliest adopters of Qualcomm's technology, and all current DTTS carriers use Qualcomm in-cab telematics technology.
CMDC is DTTS Certified to track/monitor hazardous cargo shipments including Arms, Ammunition, & Explosives being transported by commercial carriers.
We are delighted to work with DTTS to provide the highest quality of Linux service to Japanese companies.
CMDC is DTTS Certified to track/monitor hazardous cargo shipments including Arms, Ammunition & Explosives being transported by commercial carriers.
There are ongoing pilot projects with MTMC and the DTTS