DTUSDefence Technical Undergraduate Scheme (UK)
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cruzi samples could be consistently classified as TcIV DTU (8)(Figure 2, panel C).
By using the genomic sequence of the LYT1 gene reported in the TritrypDB database [ID code TcCLB.503829.50] as query sequence, a BLAST search was performed in the TrytripDB and GenBank databases, obtaining eleven LYT1 sequences from different strains and DTUs (see Table 1), [24-30].
Esta es una de las enfermedades desatendidas que mas retos plantea debido a su gran impacto socioeconomico (Castillo, et al., 2008), y a su compleja historia natural en la que aparecen diversas formas de transmision, cuadros clinicos, y genotipos del parasito (unidades discretas de tipificacion, o Discrete Typing Units, DTU), asi como la participacion de diferentes mecanismos de dano tisular durante la fase cronica.
(4,19,21) QMII strain, as a DTU IIc, (20) can be considered as TcIII according to the Second Satellite Meeting consensus.
DTUS sees the MoD sponsor degrees in engineering and information science for future technical officers in each of the three armed services and the civil service.
We also show that both the TcI and the TcII strains did not induce significant DC death; however, the production of cytokines, the expression of stimulatory and costimulatory molecules, and the expression of TLRs and chemokine receptors in the DCs varied more between strains than between DTUs themselves.
Se observa que despues de un tiempo de 30 x 108 dtus un 90 % de los atomos A no se movieron, y si lo hicieron, regresaron a su punto inicial de partida (el origen de coordenadas propio).
Designer and manufacturer of aircraft engines Pratt & Whitney Canada Corp (P&WC), a division of United Technologies Corp (NYSE:UTX), on Sunday (15 October) announced that the company has reached an agreement with Dassault Aviation to develop the installation of Altair Avionics' Data Transmission Unit (DTU) on two of Dassault's newest business jets.
Cronin writes along almost the exact same lines (although concerning translation as opposed to comparison), suggesting the necessity for "idirdhealu ar dtus idir aistriuchan i reimse an chultuir agus aistriuchan i remise na sochai.
"Anois a Sheoirse", a deir si, "nach fearr duit go fada an spoirt agus an aimsir ata agat in eineacht linn fein na mar a bhi tu i dtus do shaoil?
(28) Irish [XXI, 103] comitative Teann siad ag rince Deardaoin le cailin-i an bhaile go 3Pl on dance Thursday with girl-Pl Def village `On Thursday, they go to dance with the girls of the village.' (29) Irish [XV, 58] instrumental Mar is le peann luaidhe a bhreactar sios tuairisci like Cop with pencil lead Rel write:Impers down description:Pl na dtaiscealaithe i dtus baire.
the electrical connection work and roads and various networks must respect the relevant dtus and fascicles.