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DTVDigital Television
DTVDeutscher Taschenbuch Verlag
DTVDirecTV, Inc.
DTVDesign to Value (product development)
DTVDesktop Video
DTVDurf te Vragen (Dutch: Dare to Ask)
DTVDesktop Videocard
DTVDirect to Video
DTVDvi to Vga
DTVDirect Television
DTVDue to Void
DTVDay Television
DTVDisque Tu Veux (France)
DTVDisc Thickness Variation (automotive disc brakes)
DTVDurchschnittliche Tägliche Verkehrsstärke (German: Average Daily Traffic Volume)
DTVDigital Thermostatic Valve (Kohler)
DTVDenton Television (Denton, TX)
DTVDistribution Turnkey Vendor (sales tracking software)
DTVDriver's Thermal Viewer
DTVDual Tracked Vehicle
DTVDeutscher Tanzsportverband Ev (German Dancing League)
DTVDistributed Training Vehicle
DTVDirect to Vendor
DTVDeutscher Terminhandel Verband EV (German futures trading association)
DTVDynamic Test Vehicle
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Joe's finishes off its 19-point win and Stanford is halfway through the first half against Texas-San Antonio on DTV 739, a game that's not part of CBS' schedule for the L.
A list follows of the issues each set of stakeholders sees at the center of the transition to DTV.
Receivers with screen sizes 13 to 24 inches: 100% of all such units must include DTV tuners effective July 1, 2007.
Ademas de su participacion en DTV, IBM tiene el estatus de proveedora preferida de hardware y software tanto para DTC como para las empresas en que DTV invierte.
Raising adoption rates for DTV won't be easy, Forrester warns.
Mitsubishi, Pioneer, Phillips and Panasonic have indicated they will have DTV models in showrooms this fall.