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DTXDallas, Texas
DTXDiscontinuous Transmission
DTXDowntown Crossing (band)
DTXDocumented Tex
DTXDigital Transmission
DTXDirect Transmission
DTXDelta Tau Xi (fraternity in National Lampoon's 'Animal House' movie)
DTXDigital Training Exercise (US Army)
DTXDeadly Tactix (gaming clan)
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11 October 2017 - US-based company-branded and licensed products provider Trademark Global, LLC has acquired US-based online consumer products seller DTX International, Inc, the company said.
Gordon Composites is Mission's material of choice in designing the DTX split limbs.
Both Fatafeat and DTX are exclusively available only with beIN while Animal Planet also joins the line up.
Okadaic acid and DTX are mainly produced by planktonic dinoflagellates of the genus Dinophysis and Prorocentrum Uma Ehrenberg (Dodge) (Gayoso et al.
The Levenhuk DTX series comprises high-quality digital microscopes that can be effectively used in electronics, jewelry, biology, zoology and a variety of other fields.
In addition, CoolFlow DTX is less expensive per litre than other RAC process cooling fluids.
SHURE'S SE 210 (pounds 99) *** are easy to fit in the ear and have an excellent bassy sound, while the Beyerdynamic DTX 50s are decent budget choice at pounds 40, but lack a bit of mid-range.
The portable 10-Gigabit Ethernet cable-testing solution consists of the DTX-1800 Cable-Analyzer certification tester plus the DTX 10 Gig Kit to enable testing and certification of both existing CAT 6 or newly installed CAT 6a copper cable, and supports cabling from 10 Mbps to 10-Gig Ethernet.
Not limited to piano classes, the system can also be used in conjunction with other portable keyboards, synthesizers or even Yamaha's Silent Series instruments, such as the Silent Strings, SLG guitars or DTX series electronic drums.
The Astec DTX digital DC converter is said to enable designers to prepare and evaluate products for use with the digital architecture and the open-source PMBus communication protocol as well as the industry-standard [I.
Their new album, however, was released on top Scottish label 20 Stone Blatt under the name of DTX, gaining excellent reviews.
A mediados de junio estaran disponibles en Mexico los primeros equipos para venta del analizador de Cableado DTX Cable Analyzer de Fluke Networks.