DTYDiscount to Yield (investing)
DTYDirect to You (various locations)
DTYDouble Twisting Yurchenko (Artistic Gymnastics Vault)
DTYDraw Texture Yarn (textile industry)
DTYDead to You (Internet slang)
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The special design was developed for processing fine multifilament yarn on Twin-Pac DTY machines with converted take-up positions (for twin packages).
A DTY machine is of many production channels, in which the processing velocity is commonly higher than 500m/min [2].
"When public schools performed poorly, parents looked to home-schooling alternatives," Kimberley Kinder writes in DTY Detroit.
Her magazine provides visual transition of the art scene in San Antonio to the dty dwellers so that they can experience a different aspect of their city's culture.
Polychem Indonesia has three divisions--Polyester division (producing POY, SDY, DTY, Chips and PSF), Chemical division (producing MEG, DEG and TEG) and Nylon division (producing Nylon Yarn and Chips).
Sluggishness in the high-end of the Lebanese market was also reported by Dolphin Team Yachting (DTY), a Lebanese-based company exhibiting at the show and specializing in boat rental, sales and marketing.
This inexhaustible dty has something for everyone, romantic, inspiring, vibrant even outrageous, but best of all Paris is unique.
Birmingham-based Dignity (DTY), the UK's largest provider of funeral services, has posted a sharp rise in its underlying half-year profit and said its outlook for the rest of 2008 was positive.
Hays said he wanted the ability to capture the tax increment from that new development--approximately $30,000 a year for 25 years, contributed in virtually equal thirds by the dty, county and school district--possibly to solve some downtown parking issues.