DTYDiscount to Yield (investing)
DTYDirect to You (various locations)
DTYDouble Twisting Yurchenko (Artistic Gymnastics Vault)
DTYDraw Texture Yarn (textile industry)
DTYDead to You (Internet slang)
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When public schools performed poorly, parents looked to home-schooling alternatives," Kimberley Kinder writes in DTY Detroit.
DTY Detroit is filled with these simultaneously inspiring and heartbreaking tales of perseverance and innovation.
The Lis 200 laser inspection system by Lenzing Technik GmbH can be used for the fully-automatic online inspection of filament bobbins in a variety of materials including POY, DTY, FDY, Elastan, viscose and natural fiber yarns.
With its many years of expertise in complex production systems engineering, Oerlikon Barmag which focuses on CP, POY, FDY, DTY, industrial yarn (IDY) as well as tape and monofilament products and services alone will be presenting 12 new manmade fiber spinning solutions at the trade fair.
Combined with the eAFK texturing machine also designed for high titers - Oerlikon Barmag therefore offers a total 'From Melt to Draw Textured Yarn' concept that produces polyester DTY with up to 450den in accustomed Oerlikon Barmag DTY quality.
Win-OLT yarn tension sensor for the complete monitoring of DTY and/or spinning machines for the improvement of quality in yarn production by means of on line monitoring.
Further Open House attractions were the live presentation of the texturizing process converting the manufactured rPOY into DTY on Oerlikon Barmag's eAFK texturizing machine as well as BBE's brand-new cleaning system for melt filters known as White Filter Cleaning WFC.
Customer's first choice in high speed but still energyefficient and quality controlled DTY production; Temco PU Discs, Temco Nip Roller Units and Fibrevision Unitens monitoring system.
At the same time, WINGS produces yarns that are perfectly tailored to the requirements of the downstream DTY process.
DTY lab-equipment (TEX2000), On-Line tension monitoring systems for