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DTraceDynamic Tracing
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"With full DTrace integration and default install of
Withthe releaseof Oracle Linux 6.4, Oracle announced that participants in its Unbreakable Linux Network (ULN) — available with a paid Oracle support license --can downloada copy of DTrace for Linux.
Many Linux developers and administrators havepinedfor a version of DTrace to run on Linux, a few even citing DTrace — along with the ZFS (Zettabyte File System) --as a major reasonfor not moving from Solaris to Linux.
Originally developed by Sun Microsystems, which was acquired by Oracle in 2010, DTrace (Dynamic Tracing Facility) provides the ability for developers to debug, or trace, problems in the operating system kernel as well as with programs that run on the system.
Oracle tests its version of DTrace only against its own Oracle Linux distribution.
This voluminous guide to DTrace, Oracle's Solaris dynamic tracing application, provides instruction for systems administrators, programmers and students on using this information and debugging tool to understand and improve the efficiency of applications and computer systems.
Chandan B.N, June 2005, "New Security Features in Solaris 10 and Dtrace", Sun Microsystems Inc.
Aimed at software developers and other industry professionals, this volume provides broad coverage of the utilities bundled with Solaris 10 and OpenSolaris, including the Solaris Dynamic Tracing facility (Dtrace) and the Modular Debugger (MDB).