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DUATSDirect User Access Terminal System
DUATSDirect User Access Terminal Service
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(7) Moreover, local observers today wonder what the real intentions are behind the new Forum, as the push to issue DUATs seems to have the interest of investors in mind, with questions about the commitment to keeping communities informed about their rights.
We've all come a long way since then, but DUATS won't be going any further.
Applications like Garmin Pilot, ForeFlight and WingX Pro that connect to a Lockheed Martin or DUATS online account, all let you brief and file, but they include conveniences like weather and TFR overlays on the charts.
Garmin overhauled its trip-planning page to improve the ease of use and better organize the output of a DUATs briefing.
Additionally, "the FAA's three flight service vendors, Lockheed Martin, CSRA (DUATS), and Harris (in Alaska) are developing their flight plan software upgrades to ensure interoperability with NAV CANADA and air traffic automation."
But, it isn't included in DUATS, ADDS, or a standard weather briefing, it takes some work to find, and viewing it isn't recorded in the event something goes awry.
The pilot logged onto DUATS and filed an IFR flight plan about 20 minutes before taking off.
DUATS' flight planner computer accepted the flight plan but the FSS planner rejected it.
Do your flight planning on DUATs or some other Website.
For some reason, the Notam doesn't seem to come up in a DUATS session initiated from Florida.
DUATs does not know how to join a radial at an undefined point because it knows only the fixes.