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DUBYAW (slang for George Walker Bush; the 43rd US president)
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At a backyard cook-out, Dubya meets his future bride, Laura (Elizabeth Banks), an apolitical librarian.
Stone's biggest failing is that he does not address the story of 9/11 (particularly the stories of Dubya hiding under a table).
For "Dancin' Dubya," KAL wore a motion-capture suit and originated the presidential disco moves in the video.
But despite hearing little but damning criticism of the US and its foreign policy from Putin for months, Dubya interestingly had only praise for Putin's characteristically direct approach (a lesson too late, sadly, for Mr Blair to learn).
Clinton might have to remind voters that presidents sometimes change in office, that Nixon found it possible to go to China and that Reagan found it possible to propose total nuclear disarmament to Gorbachev and that Dubya found it possible to learn to pronounce Pervez Musharraf.
Dubya had exactly the same bewildered expression when he heard about the hurricane as he did when advised that civilian aircraft had flown into the Twin Towers.
What about those suffering or dying in the next country Dubya's regime chooses to invade?
Bush ("Dubya" in Texan slang), which is gung-ho on its Central American Free Trade Agreement, immediately distanced itself from the unsigned document, released by the U.S.
We can only hope this falls into the hands of Sharon and Arafat and in particular the deadpan but deadly Dubya.
Some of his friends, who fondly refer to him as "Dubya," tell the story of the poor boy who started with just a tiny trust fund, and reporters too often repeat it without slowing down to ask questions.
Dubya quipped: "You will now be able to gaze at this portrait and ask, what would George do?"
And what bright spark down the dole office got Wee Dubya a job at NASA?