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DUCKDurham University Charities Kommittee (UK)
DUCKDedicated to Unca Carl from Keno (comics)
DUCKDowntown Urban Community Kids (Phoenix, AZ)
DUCKDial Up Chat Kit
DUCKDruid Universal Conspiracy to Kill
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The King heard the sad complaint of the White Duck, and called to the witch: 'Wife, what a wonder is this?
Changed me, from a happy wife, To a duck for all my life.
However, the duck, who slept in the open air in the yard, heard them coming, and jumping into the brook which ran close by the inn, soon swam out of their reach.
Soon after came up a millstone, an egg, a duck, and a pin; and Chanticleer gave them all leave to get into the carriage and go with them.
So the duck took up the hat with the mouse in it and brought it to the Doctor on the shore.
He made another half swing, half hook, for Ponta's jaw, and Ponta, already recovering his wits and strength, ducked cleanly.
He worked away in silence for awhile, and then he muttered "Damn the duck" and took his coat off.
"And how do you like the Water-rat?" asked the Duck, who came paddling up some minutes afterwards.
I'm sure I ain't going to try it on in the hall or passages; we can't afford to be roasting ducks about--our character's too bad."
And again, just as I was reaching for the skiff, it ducked under the ship's stern and out of danger.
An old man who used to frequent this pond nearly sixty years ago, when it was dark with surrounding forests, tells me that in those days he sometimes saw it all alive with ducks and other water-fowl, and that there were many eagles about it.
Grace being said, -- for those people have their grace as well as we --though Queequeg told me that unlike us, who at such times look downwards to our platters, they, on the contrary, copying the ducks, glance upwards to the great Giver of all feasts --Grace, I say, being said, the High Priest opens the banquet by the immemorial ceremony of the island; that is, dipping his consecrated and consecrating fingers into the bowl before the blessed beverage circulates.