DUCOMDrexel University College of Medicine (Philadelphia, PA)
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The tribological properties of PA66/CB/Mo[S.sub.2] composites were studied by conducting surface wear tests using a pin-on-disc wear testing machine (Model Ducom LR20E of India) developed according to the ASTM G99-04 method (15-17).
Japan-based TonenGeneral Sekiyu KK (5012.TO) is operating its four refineries at rates that are above normal for 2011, Dow Jones has reported, citing the company's President, Philippe Ducom.
at 100[degrees]C .All the tests are carried out according to ASTM G76 on Air Jet Erosion tester at Ducom Instruments Pvt.
The model for "Study for Christ" was a divinity student in Portland, Ore., named Matthew DuCom. "I was trying to make Jesus look like someone we would see in the present day," Weinman said.
E DUCOM '89: 25th Anniversary Conference on Information Technology in Higher Education Ann Arbor, Mich.
To analyze the tribological properties of hardfaced aluminium, DUCOM pin-on-disc sliding wear testing machine was used.
The wear tests were carried under constant normal load of 49 N (5 kgf) at sliding velocities of 1m/s and 2 m/s by employing a pin-on-disc wear testing rig (DUCOM, TR-20LE) with a data acquisition system which is shown in Figure 3.
We thank Cornel Adler, Patrick Ducom, Lise Stengard Hansen, Anna Paula Pereira, Pasquale Trematerra, and Maureen Wakefield for providing the T.
The tribological behavior of the biometallic alloys was evaluated using a commercial ball on flat fretting wear tester (DUCOM, Bangalore, India).
Standard specimen of 10mm diameter and 10mm long were made using low speed sawing machine (DUCOM make).