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DUCSDomino Unified Communications Services
DUCSDéclaration Unifiée des Cotisations Sociales (French: Unified Declaration of Social Contributions)
DUCSDivision of Unaccompanied Children's Services
DUCSDetachable Under Clothing Suspenders
DUCSDomino Unified Communications Services (IBM)
DUCSDynamic User Coordinate System (Autodesk AutoCAD)
DUCSDeliver Ultimate Customer Service (Birmingham, AL)
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And now, I am a Frondeur -- not of Broussel's party, nor of Blancmesnil's, nor am I with Viole; but with the Duc de Beaufort, the Ducs de Bouillon and d'Elbeuf; with princes, not with presidents, councillors and low-born lawyers.
Finding himself without prospects on leaving college, he attempted painting, but in spite of his intimacy with Joseph Bridau, his life-long friend, he abandoned art to take up caricature, vignette designing, and drawing for books, which twenty years later went by the name of "illustration." The influence of the Ducs de Maufrigneuse and de Rhetore, whom he knew in the society of actresses, procured him his employment under government in 1819.
Monsieur le Duc de Chaulieu, the minister, knew that du Bruel was writing a novel which was to be dedicated to himself.
As to morals, he was the lover and the beloved of Tullia and felt himself preferred in heart to the brilliant Duc de Rhetore, the lover in chief.
And what do they give you, these pets of Monsieur le marechal and Monsieur le duc? 'Thank you, my dear Antoine, thank you,' with a gracious nod!
"Un Corse la finira," found within the words, "Revolution Francaise"; "Eh, c'est large nez," in "Charles Genest," an abbe at the court of Louis XIV., whose huge nose is recorded by Saint-Simon as the delight of the Duc de Bourgogne (the exigencies of this last anagram required the substitution of a z for an s),--were a never-ending marvel to Colleville.
The Ste-Chapelle at the Chateau des Ducs de Savoie, was built in the 15th century to house the Shroud of Turin
He pointed out that drilled and uncompleted (DUC) gas wells will increasingly be put online to address fluctuations in electricity demand.
The Paul Renard plant in Flogny-la-Chapelle used to employ 140 people and specialised in the production of cheeses under the brand names Supreme des Ducs and Le Pie d'Angloys.
I CAN remember some of the shops in Cannon Street and also some not mentioned - such as Tommy Humble's greengrocery, Battle's tripe shop, Charlie Wood's butchery, Carter Rheas' general dealers, Winnie Affleck's hot pie and peas shop, Porkey Walkers for ducS ks and pease pudding, Tommy Hill, general dealer, and Bowman's, mainly for sweets.
Ariane Boltanski, Les ducs de Nevers et l'etat royal: Genese d'un compromis (ca 1550-ca 1600).
* The Route des Ducs de Bourgogne (Route of the Burgundian Dukes) includes 17 sites, most of them chateaux, some of them privately owned.