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DUCSDomino Unified Communications Services
DUCSDéclaration Unifiée des Cotisations Sociales (French: Unified Declaration of Social Contributions)
DUCSDivision of Unaccompanied Children's Services
DUCSDetachable Under Clothing Suspenders
DUCSDomino Unified Communications Services (IBM)
DUCSDynamic User Coordinate System (Autodesk AutoCAD)
DUCSDeliver Ultimate Customer Service (Birmingham, AL)
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DUCS is easy to implement and energy efficient; however, there are a few problems with its performance.
As a child in a DUCS foster care placement, he did not have access to the same level of support services as Jacqueline and Sally in the URM program.
These settings are Cursor Coordinates, Snap, Grid, Ortho, Polar, Osnap, Otrack, DUCS, DYN, LWT, and Model/Paper.
DUCS DREAM is a decent three year old on the sand and has suffered a similar fate to yours truly this summer.