DUFADiplôme Universitaire de Formation des Adultes (French: University Diploma in Adult Education)
DUFADon't Use Forgotten Acronyms
DUFADon't Use Freaking Acronyms
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(29) Zhang Zhupo, "Piping Diyi qishu Jin Ping Mei dufa," #38, in Zhang Zhupo Piping Jin Ping Mei, p.
In item 96 of his "How to Read Jin ping mei" ("Jin ping mei dufa" [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]), Zhang advises the reader to hang a bright mirror in front of himself while reading the novel, so he can see himself fully revealed in it (Xiaoxiaosheng 1991, 49).
The glossary provides large arrays of variants for common words such as "now" (Cairene dilwa ti) - dilwa, dilwax, dilwaxt, dilwaxti, dilwag, dilwagt, dilwak, dilwakt, dilwaket, dilwakiti, dilwaq, dirwax, durwak, dirwaxiti, dirwaxitik, durwaxiti, diwwa ti, duwa ti, dilge, dilwan, dilgeti, digge, dalag, dok, dokhiti, halwagt, halwagit and so on - or "frog" (Cairene dufda) - gafda a, gifdi a, gufda a, gufda a, ga rura, ga rura, ga oya, ga u a, ga rona, du udfa, du udfa, du duf, du dufa, du dafa, and others.