DUFLDusky Flycatcher (bird species Empidonax oberholseri)
DUFLDalian University of Foreign Languages (est. 1964; China)
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DUFL picks the bag up and delivers it to their secure warehouse, where the customer's clothes will be inventoried, photographed, cleaned and stored in the customer's virtual closet until they are ready for their next trip.
We configure the testbed in order to obtain a simple scenario that allows demonstration of FUFL and DUFL. The base logical topology together with all traffic demands (source-target) is presented in Figure 4.
Traffic and its routing over the base logical topology have been chosen in an artificial manner so that FUFL and DUFL operation can be demonstrated on the available testbed.
Calculation of new network topology is triggered by violation of thresholds ([W.sub.A] and [W.sub.D] for FUFL and [W.sub.L] and [W.sub.H] for DUFL) as explained in detail in the following subsection.
We focus on two classes of approaches to calculation of network configuration [2, 3], namely, FUFL and DUFL.
DUFL. The second class DUFL is more complex, as it allows changing of IP routing, which in turn may increase the number of idle interfaces in the network and lead even to switching off whole logical links.
For the sake of this work, we assume the following implementation of DUFL. The decision about an attempt to reroute traffic with the aim of deactivation or activation of a logical link is triggered by violation of the thresholds [W.sub.L] and [W.sub.H], respectively.
DUFL received the most votes among the 20 nominees that were in the running for this year's favorite travel app.
DUFL allows frequent business travelers to eliminate the time spent laundering clothes, packing bags and lugging suitcases through airports by storing, laundering, packing and transporting users' business wardrobes to and from their destination.
DUFL is available for travel within the United States and also delivers to international business hubs in Canada, European Union countries, Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong, Melbourne, Sydney and more.
To get started, users download the DUFL app, register for the service and request a welcome kit, which includes a DUFL suitcase.
When customers are gearing up for a business trip, they can use the DUFL app to select which clothes they want to bring from their virtual DUFL closet, enter a destination and arrival date, and DUFL will take care of the rest, ensuring the customer's DUFL suitcase is waiting at the hotel when the customer arrives.