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DUIDDistributed Unique Id
DUIDData Unit Identifier
DUIDDemand Unique Identifier
DUIDDHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) Unique Identifier (computing)
DUIDDriving Under Influence of Drugs
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The examining physician needed to consider pathological conditions, such as hypoglycemia, epilepsy, or a nervous disorder, in the person arrested for DUID. The prosecution case also needed to identify which drug (or drugs) was causing the impairment, and this required analysis of blood or urine samples, which was not feasible in the 1950s.
In Europe in 2011, 9 countries had impairment laws like DUID, 13 countries had zero-tolerance laws, and 6 countries combined these two approaches into a two-tier system, with three impairment law countries planning on adding zero tolerance laws (Westgate et al., 2011).
As a result of these and other studies being conducted around the country, federal and state legislators are becoming ever so pressured into addressing the issue of DUID. Furthermore, with the advent of legal marijuana usage in twenty-three states and Washington DC, along with legal recreational usage in four more states (plus Washington DC), we can expect these numbers of DUID to continue to increase.
Since a breath test found no alcohol in Payton's system, Roberts arrested him for DUID and read him a statement about Washington's "implied consent" law.
It is important Sunderland are quickly out of the blocks and do not make the same sluggish start as they duid against Fulham.
The Department plans to develop a new demand unique identifier (DUID), which will be used to distinguish how an item will be classified for financial reporting purposes.
Bloom sparkling silver, Tony & Tina lip gloss in Cosmic Duid, Tommy Front Row nail color in Zircon Brill
study of DUID suspects during 1977-2007; Accid Anal Prev 41:191; 2009.
The research described above provides a database for OF cannabinoid test interpretation and approaches to identify recent cannabis intake that are important for DUID testing, accident investigations, and antidoping in competition testing.
Colorado's new DUID standard threatens to treat pot smokers as public menaces--even when they're not.