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DUMBODown Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass (neighborhood)
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Dumbo would also direct operators to where footage was stored on a system so it could be deleted or corrupted.
Danny DeVito will play circus owner Max Medici while Michael Keaton is VA Vandevere, the entrepreneur who vows he'll make Dumbo a star.
According to the official history, Dumbo did not reach its peak flow-rate until after the war with Germany was over.
Perhaps the high point of this transformation (or the kiss of death, depending on your perspective) was the decision of the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission, in 2007, to designate Dumbo a historic district.
With development work in DUMBO factory buildings going full-steam, however, Walentas now faces a dilemma concerning his growth strategy.
Relegated to the circus' clown acts it is up to his only friend, Timothy the mouse, to help Dumbo learn that his spectacular ears make him unique and special, allowing him to soar to fame as the world's only flying elephant.
And it's the crows that use psychology (the magic feather) to get Dumbo to fly.
Like when / someone says, "don't think of / an elephant" and all you can conjure up / are Dumbo ears and peanut breath.
In 1994, unable to afford soaring Manhattan rents, artist Carol Bruns moved into a studio in the DUMBO neighborhood of Brooklyn, N.
Sure, you love Disneyland, but that Dumbo ride doesn't hold the same magic as it did when you were 6.
Of course, that was before we saw the Flying Dumbo ride.