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DUMPDial up Network Profile
DUMP2'-Deoxyuridine 5'-Monophosphate
DUMPDisposal of Unwanted Medicines and Poisons
DUMPDon't Underestimate Mecklenburg Parents (Charlotte, North Carolina, USA)
DUMPDenna Urtrista Module Player (Atari Falcon program)
DUMPDecelerated Undergraduate Matriculation Program (5-year Bachelor of Science degree, RPI)
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Beyond this dump there stood a great brickyard, with smoking chimneys.
Daylight mortgaged one of his Bonanza dumps with the Alaska Commercial Company, and tucked a letter of credit into his pouch.
Then I took up the pig and held him to my breast with my jacket (so he couldn't drip) till I got a good piece below the house and then dumped him into the river.
About night we landed at one of them little Missouri towns high up toward Iowa, and had supper at the tavern, and got a room upstairs with a cot and a double bed in it, but I dumped my bag under a deal table in the dark hall while we was moving along it to bed, single file, me last, and the landlord in the lead with a tallow candle.
Suddenly Pierre heaved a deep sigh and dumped his heavy person down on the sofa beside Prince Andrew.
It was an oldfashioned piece of furniture, with high back and ends, and it was so heavy that even by resting the greatest weight upon the back of the Saw-Horse, the boy found himself out of breath when at last the clumsy sofa was dumped upon the roof.
And then my lamps fall on another party present, who, I says to myself, is failin' in a proper affection toward his comin' son-in- law, so I watches my chance and dumps that powder in old man Riddle's coffee--see?"
It's got a fountain playing in front of it, and it's a little bit of heaven dumped right down in the middle of New York.
Mayor-elect Benjamin Magalong said he would hold office on July 2 at the decommissioned dump in Barangay Irisan to announce the findings of a team from Adamson University, which began examining the facility this week.
According to new report available with Radiant Insights, the global Mining Dump Trucks market report provides in-depth analysis of market by share, size, demand, economic trends, investment feasibility, major key players, analysis and forecast.