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DUNCEDial up Networking Connection Enhancement
DUNCEDial-Up Networking Connection Enhancement (program)
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Tom Charlton took over from Dunce and, with the team's fastest short stage, had moved up seven places to 25th, the highest position they would hold throughout the day.
DUNCE also wants to form a barricade of tractors outside the town hall, a plan of action I urged against on the grounds that parishioners may get fined or even imprisoned.
But like the student with a dunce cap, Peirce was ostracized by academia, and died in poverty.
I'm not a dunce whose only skill is knowing how to take a photograph, you know?
Because that dunce Crystal might be Uncle Fred's favorite niece.
It's become a ritual of latenight talk shows to turn presidential candidates into stock characters like Bush the Dumb Frat Boy, Gore the Know-It-All Stiff, Clinton the Gluttonous Lecher, or Reagan the Amiable Dunce. For Kerry, comedians have tried the Rich Guy persona (he went to a Swiss boarding school), along with a variation of the Gold Digger (his wife inherited part of the Heinz food fortune).
But then of course there's always Tania to rely on in times of a dunce drought.
Highlights of today's weekend review include Paolo Di Canio's awesome goal against the dispirited Dons, the disgusting refusal of dunce ref Rob Harris to give Hammers three blatant penalties and Paul Scholes' classic strike against Bradford.
The Dunce Cap icon--This warns viewers about stupid new gimmicks, like ABC's latest format, which forces Peter Jennings to sit on a twirling bar stool for a goodly portion of the broadcast so he looks like Jack Paar.
Here we see, systematically organized and glossed all the iconographic conventions: Jews with horns, Jews with dunce caps, Jews leering at Christian women, Jews drinking the blood of ritually sacrificed Christian children.
But like our opportunity to make diversity work for all of us we can collectively work to shed our dunce caps as well the welfare of the public requiring it.