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DUNEDeep Underground Neutrino Experiment (Sanford Underground Research Facility; Lead, SD)
DUNEDark Universe Explorer (space imager)
DUNEDistributed Unified Numerics Environment (software)
DUNEDuke University Network of Entrepreneurs (Duke University; Durham, NC)
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The project "dynamic dunescapes", backed by the cash from the National Lottery, marks a move away from a decades-old approach to managing sand dunes by keeping them where they are with fencing and vegetation.
Sand dunes are home to rare plants and animals, with 70 species listed as conservation priorities including the natterjack toad, sand lizard and dune gentian, experts said.
Conservation measures will include natural rabbit grazing, creating dune slacks or depressions that can be flooded, and removing invasive species.
The "logo" was initially a crescent-shaped sand dune which eventually took shape because of lava and then finally getting its final form because of the planet's wind.
The festivities, he said, shall be graced by President Dr Mokgweetsi Masisi accompanied by Vice President Slumber Tsogwane and ministers who will today (May 10) tour Lobu Small Stock Farm and attend the Khawa Dune Challenge and Cultural Festival in Khawa village.
The Fun Drive route was split into eight checkpoints, leading up the ninth one set up by Toyota at the camp at Moreeb dune.
Frank Herbert's 'Dune' saga has remained one of the top science-fiction books of all time since it was first published in 1965.
The shapes, known as "ghost dunes," are the hardened casts of ancient sand dunes, created when lava or sediments seeped and solidified around the lower contours of the dunes.
The child became trapped for several minutes in the collapsed dune and was only saved after quick-thinking members of the public managed to dig her head free.
The Dune Forum often acted as a platform where Dunites could express their varied worldviews and religious ideals.
From this vantage at the dune's border, the incline of sand was at about 45 degrees to our right, spiked with thick fir trees and rising up to meet the foggy sky.