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DUNNOI Don't Know
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This year's show will be attended by Bollywood bigwigs such as Vishal Bharadwaj and Banerjee, and veteran actress Zeenat Aman, who makes a comeback with Dunno YC*
"So who did he think you were?" "Dunno," said honest Jon.
"Do you know where I could get an apartment for $500 a month?" Gail asks Edwin, who replies, "I dunno Delaware?"
Dunno. Maybe most of California's terroir doesn't lend itself to the cultivar.
I dunno. Sometimes I can laugh about it, but sometimes it sorta bothers me.
They could have responded with the favorite teen phrase, "I dunno." Peter gave him the latest Gallup poll results: 29 percent think you're Elijah; 16 percent, John the Baptist; 14.2 percent, one of the prophets.
I dunno." Maybe his ability to question his own tactics will lead him to the most interesting question about civil disobedience.
But when he saw the Humber Bridge, the American shouted: "Wow, now what the hell is that?" The Hull bloke calmly replied: "Dunno mate.
Dunno about some others but I know there are some more.
"You goin?" "No Pijin" "What?" "Jew really think Gwyn's a murdrer?" "Probly." "Why?" "Dunno - I can smell it." "Whas it smell like?" "Blood."
Instead, we watched a load of dogs and cats doing a series of physical and mental tests so pointless that even one of the scientists felt obliged to argue: "Well, when does a cat ever need to count up to 10?" Dunno, mate.