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DUPADuke University Postdoctoral Association
DUPADwelling Units Per Acre
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Quanto a evolucao das TIC e ao progresso proporcionado, Dupas enfatiza que:
Dupas afirma que: "A informacao tem se convertido em um componente indispensavel da reproducao economica e dos ganhos de competitividade", (Dupas, 2011, p.
Based on this assumption, this study was aimed at establishing the opportunity cost required to indemnify rural producers willing to cease their livestock activities to preserve the Feijao River watershed by turning it into an environmental protection area, as well as comparing if the WTP of the city of Sao Carlos estimated by Machado and Dupas (2013) would be enough to cover the cost.
Dupas and Robinson asked hundreds of Kenyan volunteers to set savings goals--either a specific amount to have on hand for health emergencies or enough cash to buy a particular preventive health good such as a water filter or mosquito net.
The safe box and community pot schemes probably were effective because they helped volunteers follow through with labeling, Pascal and Dupas theorize, though there may be an alternate explanation: social pressure.
Dupas and Robinson don't claim to have solved the pandemic savings problem.
Pascaline Dupas is a Research Associate in the NBER's Programs on Children and Development Economics.
Dupas studied at the Ecole Normale Superieure and completed her Ph.