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DUPADuke University Postdoctoral Association
DUPADwelling Units Per Acre
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(31) Ionut Axinescu, "Reactiile dupa atacurile teroriste din Belgia iti arata cat de xenofobi si superficial sunt romanu", vice.com, March 22, 2016, http://www.vice.com/ro/read/reactiile-dupa-atacurile-teroriste-din-belgia-itiarata-cat-de-xenofobi-si -superficiali-sunt-romanii (accessed March 30, 2016).
Care is a repetitive word in all the teachers' viewpoints and it was an identifiable feature of learning programs in Dupa's video recording.
Aici putem considera ca este o deviza a divortatilor, pentru ca intotdeauna, dupa ce ea 1-a lasat de mai multe ori la propriu, s-a saturat de ea si a lasat-o de-adevaratelea.
Ele nu au fost realizate dupa tiparul clasic al constitutiilor apusene (constitutii liberale impuse de burghezie), fiind mai curand coduri constitutionale si administrative decat constitutii propru zise (6).
Fireste, este o sarcina filosofica dificila (nerezolvata mca, dupa parerea mea) sa explicam pas cu pas, in detaliu, la ce se reduce aceasta.
No matter what I do, graduate from high school, join the Corps, build a birdbath, cut the lawn, it's 'Bozo.' Lately he's calling me 'Dupa.' Did Dupa wash the car today?
On the UPN reality show she's developing for hip-hop recruits, she remarked, "Once you spend a long time on the road, everyone starts looking good to each other." Hmm, Oh, and if "Nothing Out There for Me" is any indication, there might be a little sumpin' goin' on between the supa dupa fly one and a certain young thing: In the song, Missy tries to persuade beautiful Beyonce to join her in a girls' night out.
Timbaland's teamwork with Missy Elliott encouraged the rapper to develop her own innovative style and his input into her classic Supa Dupa Fly album signalled the advance of Southern grooves on to the US hip hop scene.
Sticking two fingers up to those producers for the single The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly), Missy was pumped up in an inflated rubber jumpsuit making her look four times her usual size.
The Elliott-Timbaland partnership has been responsible for some of the most innovative R&B albums, chief among them her 1997 debut, Supa Dupa Fly.
1997, Alokasi lahan optimal untuk calon transmigran pada pengembangan padi dengan pola sawit dupa di lahan rawa satu juta hektar di Kalimantan Tengah.