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DUPPIEDepressed Urban Professional
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But the real - and ridiculous - reason for Duppie support of Bush is, of course, the Clinton-Gore association with the Good Friday agreement, uppity nationalism and betrayal of Protestant Ulster.
Guys like Corrie Theron, Coennie Kruger, Fakkie Gous, Gypsey Grewar, Duppie Dupison, Gypsey Grewar, Keyser Brothers and Pierre Gous, were all big biker racers.
Ismith Khan tells Obeah stories, Olive Senior and Ian McDonald offer tall tales, Robert Antoni gives us a trickster tale, Marina Ama Omowale Maxwell rewrites an African legend, Claude-Michel Prevost contributes a voudoun filmscript, Nalo Hopkinson writes a duppie tale, and Marcia Douglas gives an etiological legend.