DURACDowntown Urban Renewal Advisory Committee
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This observation that Spring analysis is overly state-centered seems to be contradicted by the vast attention for the role of the private sector (Bogaert 2013:229) and, even more pertinently, 'civil society' in the Arab Spring and its envisioned leadership in the post-Spring era (Bayat 2013: 598; Durac 2013:184; Keane 2011).
Crumbling public services have been a major trigger (Bayat 2013:589; Durac 2013:175; Lynch et al.
2012; Bayat 2013; Durac 2013:175; Gause 2011; Pace and Cavatorta 2012:125; Valbjorn and Volpi 2013:1).
1011 Durac, V., 2010 The Impact of external actors on the distribution of power in the Middle East: the case of Egypt, in Cavatorta, F.
[[beta].sub.0] es el intercepto a estimar y, [[beta].sub.1], [[beta].sub.2], [[beta].sub.3]: [[beta].sub.4]: [[beta].sub.5]: [[beta].sub.6]: [[beta].sub.7]: [[beta].sub.8] y [[beta].sub.9] son los parametros desconocidos a estimar de las variables independientes, [X.sub.1], [X.sub.2], [X.sub.3], [X.sub.4] [X.sub.4] [X.sub.6] [X.sub.7] [X.sub.8] y [X.sub.9] que corresponden a: El Tiempo de la garantia en meses (tgar); Duracion real del contrato (drc) ; Empresas en licitacion (el); Duracion del contrato (durac); Valor polizas (vpolizas); Valor de la inversion (ln valor contrato); Valor de la multa (ln valor multa); riesgo legal y riesgo de ejecucion del contrato respectivamente, es decir:
DC Riesgo = [[beta].sub.0] + [[beta].sub.1] TGAR + [[beta].sub.2] DRC +[[beta].sub.3] DURAC + [[beta].sub.4] VPOLIZAS + [[beta].sub.5] VPOLIZAS + [[beta].sub.6] LN VALOR CONTRATO + [[beta].sub.7] LN VALOR MULTA + [[beta].sub.8] RIESGO LEGAL + [[beta].sub.9] RIESGO DE EJECUCION DEL CONTRATO