DURDDepartment of Urban and Regional Development (Australia; est. 1972)
DURDDuring Descent
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There were also further DURD projects, including the Area Improvement Program (AIP), which assisted the sustainability of active ROCS.
Councils adopted a similar view notwithstanding that DURD sought to strengthen local government's financial muscle (Chapman, 1997, p.
The DURD's regional experiments were too short-lived to bear fruit.
A handful of DURD ROCS have survived, including the Western Sydney ROC (WSROC), Illawarra ROC (IROC) south of Sydney (now known as the 'Southern Councils Group') and the Hunter ROC (HROC, renamed 'Hunter Councils Inc') in the Newcastle region.
It is at least feasible that the DURD's efforts helped lay groundwork for later regional municipal collaboration (McPhail, 1978, p.
DURD (Department of Urban and Regional Development) (Cth), (1975) Regions: Suggested Delimitation of Regions for the Purposes of Section 17, Grants Commission Act 1973.
dThd and dUrd were measured by a gradient-elution HPLC method as described previously (11).
The TP gene was sequenced as described (8) in those patients with increased plasma concentrations of dThd and dUrd, markedly decreased TP activity, or both.
TP activity, dThd and dUrd measurements, and TP gene sequencing were performed by two postdoctoral researchers or a technician, all with extensive experience in laboratory management.
Measurement of the dThd and dUrd nucleosides in plasma revealed increased concentrations of both nucleosides in all of the MNGIE patients, whereas no pyrimidine nucleosides were detected in the other groups (Table 1) (11).
Only MNGIE patients have increased plasma concentrations of both dUrd (>5 [micro]mol/L) and dThd (>3 [micro]mol/L), whereas mutation carriers with partially reduced TP activity have no detectable pyrimidine nucleosides (<0.05 [micro]mol/L) in plasma.
On the basis of our results, we propose an algorithm using measurements of dThd and dUrd in plasma and TP activity in buffy coat to diagnose MNGIE.