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DURNDermatologie, Urologie, Rheumatologie, Nephrologie (German: Dermatology, Urology, Rheumatology, Nephrology; hospital department)
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Despite the official decision to close the matter, victims' families are bound to continue questioning why police took off Durn's handcuffs and failed to stop him before he rushed to the nearby window.
During a day of interrogation, Durn told police he often "thought about killing someone and killing himself afterward".
'Some people thought it was firecrackers.' He said Durn was firing two weapons at once.
The depths of Durn's self-loathing also came out in the 22-page rant that one police investigator described as "depressive babbling".
The letter, received a day after Durn gunned down councillors in the Paris suburb of Nanterre, said: "I will end my life but first, I'm going to be a serial killer."
Durn, 33, a known suicide risk, was being questioned by detectives yesterday when he threw himself through an attic window of an interrogation room in the heart of Paris.
Durn, 33, was being interrogated at the French equivalent of Scotland Yard when he plummeted from a fourth- floor skylight.
Jobless Durn, an ecology and Third World activist, sat through a six hour council meeting at Nanterre in north west Paris before calmly opening fire at 1.10am yesterday.
CRAZED killer Richard Durn wanted to gun down all 53 of his local councillors, prosecutors said last night.
Richard Durn, 33, jumped suddenly towards a fifth-floor window at the Paris headquarters and struggled out of the grasp of two officers who tried to pull him back inside, police said.
Police arrested the suspect, 33-year-old local man Richard Durn, who often attended council meetings.