DURPDepartment of Urban and Regional Planning (Universities)
DURPDigitaal Uitwisselbare Ruimtelijke Plannen (Dutch: Digital Compatible Spatial Planning)
DURPDefense University Research Program
DURPGraduate Diploma in Urban and Regional Planning (University of New England; Armidale, New South Wales, Australia)
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Fractions defined as dissolved unreactive (largely organic P) DURP and particulate phosphorus (PP) were determined as TDP less DRP and TP less TDP, respectively.
Investors received an annual return of 9 per cent from DURP, 11 per cent from the mall in Jeddah Mall, seven per cent from Dubai's Philadelphia Private School and 9 per cent from Sheffield Private School.
16) NASDAQ Bulletin Board Symbol: DURP / DRPDF Shares Outstanding: 32,547,619