DUSDDeputy Under Secretary of Defense
DUSDDenair Unified School District (Denair, CA)
DUSDDysart Unified School District #89 (El Mirage, Arizona, USA)
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We believe that moving ammunition management from an Army single manager supporting all of the services to a joint function under DUSD (ATL) and DLA will help to ensure that our Nation will continue to be the "arsenal of democracy" in the 21st century.
Currently, DoD has not authorized disposal of foreign excess property in Afghanistan, but has implemented FEPP procedures in Iraq through several policy memoranda issued by the DUSD (L&MR), which limited disposal to personal property.
In November 2005 Phil Grone, the DUSD for Installations and
The DUSD L&MR office established a review committee to pick the top six finalists for the "Great Ideas" Award, based on abstract submissions.
For example, the deputy undersecretary of defense (DUSD) for Installations and Environment is responsible for energy management at DOD installations, and the director of Research and Engineering is responsible for new technologies that could lead the DOD away from oil dependence.
A Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (DUSD) (L/MDM) memo of January 30, 1995 authorized the Department of Defense inventory control points to establish a FMS reserve to identify and retain assets that may be needed to support foreign-owned weapon systems that have been phased out of use by U.S.
Recent FCT success stories include the use of Swedish portable satellite communication equipment and British chemical agent detectors during Operation Iraqi Freedom (DUSD).
In pursuing these goals, The Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Logistics and Materiel Readiness (DUSD L&MR) is sponsoring the Defense Transportation Coordination Initiative (DTCI).
The inaugural issue in 1994 opened with a piece by then Deputy Under Secretary for Defense (DUSD) Colleen Preston outlining the new initiatives for acquisition reform (Preston, 1994).
Effective support to the warfighter requires that logisticians depart from their perceived traditional "swim lanes" -- for example, the DUSD (L&MR) is partnered with USJFCOM to aggressively engineer the "to be" joint deployment process (JDP) for which JFCOM is designated the DoD lead.