DUSELDeep Underground Science and Engineering Laboratory
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Dusel, "Von Spiel und Spielzeug." Westermanns Monatshefte, (1906): 588.
Sauer was born July 23, 1913, in Tolstoy, S.D., to Anton and Magdalena Wolf Dusel. She married Gerhart Sauer in Selby, S.D., on Oct.
Miller (352) 750-0786 19th Combat Engr Bn: Cliff Goodson (505) 293-0725 1st Bn (M), 5th Inf, 25th Inf Div (Society of Vietnam Combat Veterans): Jerry Dusel (716) 599-3155 1st Cav, 15th Med/Medevac: Michael Smith (208) 459-9592; e-mail: mvandco@aol.com 1st Field Forces, B Btry, 5th/27th Arty (all btrys, all units att): Ernie "Richie" Rich (513) 856-9615 1at Inf Div, 16th Rgt, 2nd Bn, Co D (1967-68): Don Dignan (734) 525-0157 (H)/(313) 845-3752 (W) 203rd AAA Bn, Co D: William B.
Martin Dusel, representing the Citizen Gas & Coke Industry, Sam Carter, Jr., Carter Consulting, and Daryl Hoyt, Wedron Silica, were representative of the variety of the speakers program and utility of the subject matter presented.
"The drug defense seminars have been a source of frustration, and they've caused some problems within our own ranks,' says longtime NORML activist Arlene Dusel, "but it all boils down to economics: where else do you go for money?'
Previous studies reported that p-mannans in feed reduced nutrient digestibility in monogastric animals (poultry and swine) (Ritz et al., 1995; Dusel et al., 1997; Bedford and Schulze, 1998; Yamka et al., 2005).
[105] The DAEdALUS Collaboration, "A study of detector configurations for the DUSEL CP violation searches combining LBNE and DAEdALUS," 2010, http://arxiv.org/abs/1008.4967.
Ashley won't even have to worry about that daunting first meeting with Kayla's dad, David Dusel, because the father already knows about him and his relationship with ex-wife Cheryl Cole.
In addition to the arts he possessed a love for architecture, which he covered for the Sun and about which he authored a book titled "A Guide to Baltimore Architecture." His last book, published in 2005, was "Look Again in Baltimore," a combined effort with architectural photographer James DuSel.
Hence, previous studies (Classen and Scott, 1995; Wiseman and McNab, 1995; Dusel et al., 1997) have suggested that in vitro viscosity may also be a suitable basis for rapid estimation of energy value.
He and Tops Markets' founding families (the Castellanis, Tom Buscalgia, Nino Nanula, Ronnie Offhaus and the Dusels) built the company to a 70% market share by 1980.